Saturday, 23 September 2017

Troy's Trotter Taming

Hello everyone it’s only me Olga and the thorn in my side that is Troy Boy.

Sorry I’ve not been in touch for a while, I’ve been trying to do some intensive training with Troy and I’ve finally come to the conclusion that he’s just stupid! So I’ve given up, he just cannot seem to understand that Dad likes to be woken up before the birds start singing, and I’ve done my fair share of waking him up, but Troy won’t get out of his bed!
He’s also decided that when he gets a bit bored he drags my duvet out of my bed and throws it about! I caught him the other day and told him off, he sulked for days.

Mum and Dad went away in our house on wheels and forgot to take us! Little John and Alicia came to look after us, I love it when Alicia comes because she always lights a fire even when it’s not cold hehehe. Little John and Troy moan about how hot it is, but me and Alicia get snuggled up it’s ace!

Troy got into trouble because I told him that Dad was hiding in the room no-one uses under the duvet and he ripped it apart! Alicia found him and he tried to tell her that he hadn’t done it he had just found it like that, she didn’t believe him because he had the fluff between his toes and some string over his nose! See what I mean about him being stupid.

We’ve not been on our beach for a while now because Troy likes to play with little dogs, but he’s a bit rough! Dad takes us to the field that’s fenced in so Troy can run around like a mad thing. Sometimes when we go into the field there are furries which Troy tries to chase, but they always beat him and disappear into the bushes, Troy ran after one once and he ended up getting prickles in his nose!

Troy has a new game which Mum really doesn’t like, and it’s called “Poo-roll”, it involves Troy finding the newest and the smelliest animal poo then he rolls in it, he did it the other day and it was all over his shoulders and neck. Mum went potty at him, she was almost being sick, but Troy was running up to her looking really chuffed with himself! Mum told Dad that he wasn’t allowed in the car and I said “what about me, I’ve got to go in the back with him”, Dad just looked at Troy and said “Why do you do that Troy”. On the way home, we had all the windows open and I told Troy not to come anywhere near me! Mum said he had to have a wash in the back garden with the nose pipe, and he wasn’t going to have a nice bubble bath – hahaha the shame of it.
Last week he started playing with what looked like a ball, he was throwing it in the area and shaking it, Dad ran over and to see what he was playing with and it turned out to be a hedgehog! Dad went mad at him, but Troy ran off laughing! Dad picked the hedgehog up and put it through the fence so Troy could ‘play’ with it again.

Yesterday he found a field mouse and he picked it up and ran to Dad with it, I was shouting at him to put it down but he was laughing at me as he ran past. Dad told him to ‘drop it’ but he didn’t instead he threw it up in the air and then caught it and swallowed it!!!! Dad tried to pull it out of his mouth but by the time he caught Troy the dirty boy had eaten it. Honestly it was like watching that dinosaur thing on the box in the corner that Mum likes. He was soooo smelly last night I had to sleep downstairs!

Honestly that boy is just crackers, he was telling me that he wants some new toys, and I told him that he has to earn new toys by being good, but he’s said he’s come up with a plan and he’s going to open a pampering salon where he can give ‘Pawdicure’s’ – he tried his skills on Dad last night. I asked him what he was going to call his salon and he said - Troy’s Trotter Taming – he said he’s going to nibble toe nails – I told him that’s my job! I do Dad’s nails, he said “Oh well if you are looking for a job let me know”!! RUDE!

I cannot wait to see how this goes!

Lots of Love

Olga and Troy xxx 

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Guess where we’ve been !!! Yes FOND HQ!

Hello everyone it’s only me Olga and my sidekick Troy Boy, well what a few weeks we’ve had! 

I went to see Duncan at Rutland House because my leg was a bit sore, plus I thought he might be missing me. Dad took me over and Duncan said he wanted me to stay with him so he could have a proper look at my leg the next day – see I knew he had missed me.
My favourite nurse Vicky came to see me for kisses and cuddles, she always brings me chicken as well, but I’ve not to tell anyone else because she would get in trouble – my chops are closed Vicky I promise 😊

The next morning Duncan came in and said he wanted to have a look inside my knee, I looked at him and thought has he got special eyes? I hoped so because last time he said that I ended up waking up with no fur on my back end! I thought I’m not falling for that again, so when he came to collect me I was on guard for his special treats because they always make me sleepy, ha not this time Duncay Boy I’ve got my eyes on you! Duncan sent Vicky in to get me and she said that I had to make sure I smiled when they are taking my photos, I kissed her and said “Of course anything for you Vicky, but don’t let Duncan give his special sweeties” Vicky looked at me and said “of course I won’t” she gave me a piece of chicken and gave me a lovely ear rub which always makes me sleepy.

When I woke up Duncan had done it again! My leg was bald again, and I had a shade of shame on! I shouted Vicky who came running in, I said “he’s done it again, you were meant to keep watch”, honestly, he just loves making me look silly. Vicky gave me a cuddle and said she will call my Mum to come and collect me. Troy thought he would help by fluffing the ‘poorly duvet’ but as usual he takes it too far!! 

Mum said I had to go back to see Duncan again to have my stiches out, but I decided I’m not going back there again I’ll take them out myself! 

I thought I’ll get away with this, Mum will never know. How wrong was I! I’m sure she has special powers because I thought I’d covered my tracks by even eating the stiches! But as soon she came in the room she looked at me and said “OLGA what have you done?” honestly, I don’t know how she does it! I said “Mum it wasn’t me it was Troy, when you went out he crept in when I was asleep and licked them out!” I thought brilliant she will never know it was me and Troy can take the blame!

I would have got away with it as well except for one thing. “Olga are you lying to me?” “No Mum I’m not I promise” – “I’m very disappointed Olga, Troy didn’t come in when you were sleep did he? I know this because he was in the other room, and you have one of the stiches stuck in your bottom peggys” – darn it! Busted.

I heard Dad on the phone talking to Auntie Pam and I heard him say we were going to go and see her and all my friends at FOND HQ, I ran in and told Troy but he didn’t believe me, I said if you see Dad come back with our house on wheels then we are off! Dad tried to sneak it back without telling me, but as soon as Mum came home with new duvets I knew it only meant one thing, we were off to Scotland 😊

Dad said we had to get up early to make sure we had all our toys packed and ready to go, I didn’t sleep at all I was too excited. Troy being as dumb as he is still didn’t know where we were going even when he saw our house on wheels hanging on to the car, and for the first few hours he kept saying “Olga it’s still hanging on”, in the end I told him to keep an eye on it, he sat there for hours hahaha. When we finally reached our little beach, Dad let us out and we had a run round, I love this place, but there was something new, I thought nooooo don’t tell me someone has beaten us to the best place ever!!! I ran out of our house on wheels to chase them off, Troy was laughing at me asking what I was doing.. he clearly still needs a lot of training.. as I got closer I realised it wasn’t a person it was a big rubber ring! – Fab it’s a new toy 😊

After a good sleep, we went to see Auntie Pam and my FOND friends, Priscilla, Zeus and Rolo. Troy barked a bit at Zeus and Rolo but he soon calmed down, Auntie Pam doesn’t allow laddish behaviour so he got told off hahaha. We all went out for a walk, and Troy even had a go on the ‘moving ground thing’, he said it was weird because he was walking but Mum and Dad were stood next to him? I didn’t ask him what he meant because sometimes it’s best not entertaining his mad ideas!

Auntie Pam asked if we could do a very important job, which was to doggy sit the FOND flock whilst she had a few errands to run, I said “of course Auntie Pam I’ll be in charge 😊” 

We spent the day at FOND and Dad took Rolo and Zeus out for a long walk. I stayed with Mum because it was raining hehehe. 

We were having a lovely cup or tea when Troy came running in shouting “Olga Olga come quick”, I said “What’s up Troy?” He said “Quick there’s something attacking Dad in the walled garden, we have to rescue him!” I ran out with him to see what was going on, and that’s when I spotted Dad playing with Zeus! He was running like mad around the garden and then jumping at Dad as he ran past, Dad was pretending to chase him and Zeus was dodging him. I told Troy that it was only Zeus, and Dad didn’t need rescuing. Troy wasn’t happy with Dad playing with another Dobie, especially when Dad taught Zeus the sit, down, stay trick that Troy does hahaha. We went back into the house and Troy muttered all the way saying “that’s my trick, not his, and that’s my Dad not his”, I told him to stop being silly.

When we got back to our house on wheels, we all went for a walk and Dad climbed the rocks, Troy tried to follow him but he’s not a good climber hahaha, he got stuck and I thought Dad was going to have to rescue him! If I was allowed to climb I would have beaten Dad and gone higher hahaha 😊, Mum hates it when we do that, she worries that we are going to fall, I keep telling her we have 4 foot drive hahahaha.

I wish we could stay on our beach forever, but Mum and Dad said we had to come back, but we will be going back again soon 😊.

See you soon
Lots of Love Olga and Troy Boy xxxx

Monday, 1 May 2017

Running again :)

Helllooo everyone it’s only me Olga or also now known as Wolgi 😊 oh and Troy Boy.

I can run on my beach now!!! I’m so happy, Dad said I have to take it day by day and not to do too much too soon. Ha yeah right Dad, you try and stop me from pegging it down the beach hahahahhaha.

When we go on the beach Dad lets me have a run round before he lets Troy off his lead because he always chases me and tries to push me over! Mum goes mad when he does that, and tells him off hahaha.

I’ve been going to my Nanas with the see-through roof every day to look after her because she has a poorly knee, I keep telling her to go and see Duncan at Rutland, he will be able to sort her out like he did with me but Nana isn’t keen, I don’t think she likes the idea of wearing the shade of shame

Troy has been going to work with Dad and Little John and he’s been telling me that he now has lady friends at the butty shops who come out to the van and give him free sausages! I keep telling him you can tell because he’s getting a right fatty hahahahahah. 

I said that’s nothing, when I go to Nanas I have a dentistick at 10, then we have toast with butter at 12, then after I’ve had a little sleepy on my double duvet we have a biscuit at 2pm. 😊

Dad was telling Mum that Troy stole Tom’s new bed the other day and dragged it to the sunny spot in the kitchen, he also found Tom’s favourite toy and he started chewing it! Martin (Tom’s dad) loves Troy and lets him steal his toys, I think Troy took a fancy to this particular toy because he walked round all day with it clipped to his collar. Poor Tom I bet he’s really fed-up with Troy because all his toys will have dobie drool on – ewwwww. Troy has to say goodbye to Martin in a the next few days, because they have finished working there and will be moving onto another job.

We have a new Dog Sitter called Henry, he sits in the hall when Mum and Dad have to go out for a bit, he’s been hired to stop Troy from digging for gold in the carpet. He’s not chatty at all and he has a massive nose! Troy tried to speak to him but Henry just ignored him, I didn’t bother because I knew he was ‘on duty’ and wasn’t allowed to play with us. Troy said Henry wasn’t fun at all, he wouldn’t play ball with him, he didn’t want to chew on a toy and he wouldn’t dig for treasure either. I said to Troy “one thing Henry is good at and that’s keeping you out of trouble!” Troy just huffed at me and went upstairs and sulked. When Mum and Dad came home they were really happy with Troy and Henry because the carpet was still in one piece hahaha.

Troy has been pushing Mum’s rules recently I’m sure he does it for a bit of fun, and Dad just laughs which makes Mum madder hahaha.

His recent trick is to see how far he can go at sitting on the sofa, but not sitting on the sofa. He thinks if he sits on Dad’s knee he’s not sat on the sofa, I keep telling him he’s going to get in trouble, but he says “I’m sat on Dad and Dad’s sat on the sofa so Mum cannot go mad at me” – he’s a cheeky boy. He seems to be able to get in the smallest space possible considering he’s a big oaf he can certainly curl up into a small ball, Mum said he looks like a duck sometimes hahahahaha. 

He even tries it with Little John, mind you Mum sat Little John and Troy are a as bad as each other for being naughty hahahhaa. 

I on the other paw are a lovely lady that does as she’s told and gets lots of cuddles because I’m good – I would never nip, scratch or bite Troy 😉

Ohhh tea time I better go…

See you soon

Lots of Love Olga and Troy. 

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

New Photos and Dead Fish!

Helllooo everyone it’s only me Olga (not Wolgi) although Mum keeps calling me Wolgi now! – damn that Troy! He’s not using my laptop again because he dribbled all over it and the T letter was stuck down with drool! He’s such a dribbley boy.

I wanted to tell you that we had a visit from FOND royalty 😊 my Aunty Pam came to see meeeee oh and Troy. I was really good and of course Troy had to show off and start jumping about with his rope! Priscilla came with Aunty Pam but she stayed looking after the van whilst Mum and Dad had a good catch up.

It’s been ages since I’ve had a run on my beach, Dad said I’m not allowed to chase after Troy because my bionic leg hasn’t fully mended yet.

I’ve been to Rutland again today to see Duncan, it was a bit traumatic for me, I’m not sure what happened but I got myself in a bit of a state, and I couldn’t stop barking at everything and everyone, I think I frightened the lady that came to book me in because she made me wear a thing on my mouth – I think it’s called a muzzle! Oh the shame, as soon as I got to my room upstairs, Vicky one of my favourite nurses, came to see me and she took that stupid thing off and she gave me a bug cuddle and lots of kisses, she also gave me some sweet juice to drink and she stayed with me whilst I had a little sleepy. She told to make sure I smile when they take my photo, so as I drifted off I made sure I was smiling. 😊

I’m still not allowed to have a run about for another 4 weeks! But Duncan said I was healing really well and he showed me and Mum the photos he took of me! I think he needs to have some lessons because you cannot see my face at all!

Dad’s been taking Troy to a new part of MY beach, they walk there instead of going in the truck, and they have to cross a bridge that goes over a train track, Dad was telling Mum that Troy didn’t know what was happening when this train sped under them! He tried to chase after it but it was too quick so he just stood and barked at it – silly boy!

The new part of the beach has got lots of steps before you get onto the beach, and there are loads of hidey holes which will be ace in a game of hide and seek! Troy still hasn’t got the hang of the game yet, he thinks if he cannot see me then I cannot see him – he’s such a div!

I’ve been going to my Nana’s with the see-through roof every day, I love my Nana. I’ve got her into a routine now, we have mid-morning snack when the two hands on the clock are almost touching, then when they look like the letter L for Louis we have a biscuit. I have a big fluffy duvet in front of the fire, and a fresh bowl of water every day. Mum drops me off at Nana’s every morning, and when I’ve given her a kiss and I’ve had a drink of my fresh water, I go and give Grandad a big wet kiss, he’s never awake when I get there but I know he loves me waking him up with a kiss because he shouts “Olgaaaaa” 😊

Mum came with us the other night when I took Troy and Dad on the beach, she panics when Troy goes off chasing the birds. He took off this time and Mum was shouting him to come back but he ignored her, he was zig-zagging across the beach and then he stopped, Dad said “I think he’s found you a present”. Mum said “What do you mean”, Dad said “You’ll see he’s on his way back”. When Troy reached us, he had a dead fish flapping about in his mouth and he plonked it down next to Mum! Her face was a picture, and he looked very happy with himself, he told Mum that she didn’t have to worry about what we were having for tea. Dad said he does that every day, he has a super sensitive snout hahaha.

Troy has been working with Dad and he’s been telling me about what he gets up to, he said his new friend Martin gives him lots of treats and he said he wants Troy to live with him! I need to meet Martin and convince him his idea is a good one and the sooner the better! 😊 Troy said he’s almost sorted all Tom’s toy box out, and he’s gotten rid of a few of his old toys, oh and he’s nearly finished all his treats as well.

Troy was telling me that he finally came face to face with Tom today and Tom ran up to him and barked right down Troy’s ear! Troy said he wasn’t having that so when Martin put Tom back in his room, Troy ran up and grabbed one of Tom’s favourite toys and he ripped it to shreds! I told Troy that wasn’t big and it wasn’t clever, he looked a bit sheepish and walked away muttering something, he’s really naughty sometimes … actually he’s really naughty most of the time.
Right I better go I think Troy is trying to steel my tea, I can hear him rustling about in my bowl!

See you soon

Love Olga and Troy xxxxxxx